Blockrain started out as a response to paid groups and crypto influencers: What if there was a community that paid me for my participation and allowed me to grow and receive a portion of my labor instead of lining the pockets of some snob on twitter? Enter “THE UNPAID GROUP

This website will inform you on ways to increase your wealth and savings by allowing you to earn free crypto and fiat as well as learn how to properly invest and save. We also want to have a lot of fun together and stay away from cliquey attitudes and power-hungry moderation. Everyone is welcome in this community.

Let’s all get rich and bring back the original spirit of the Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin movement.


  • Monetize the website with Advertisements & Affiliate Links
  • Create a forum for in-depth discussions on finance, cryptocurrencies, universal basic income, passive income, self-employment, trading, and mining
  • In-depth research on complete financial freedom starting with nothing but an internet connection through passive income streams, proof of stake and winning trading strategies
  • A crowd-funded Universal Basic Income trial
  • Basic Crypto Faucets
  • Hiring writers, designers, and coders from our community