Electroneum: Free Crypto Basic Income / Cloud Mining

If you are human and have a cell phone you are eligible to download the Electroneum $ETN application on iOS or Android and participate in free cloud mining of their cryptocurrency. There are a few projects like these, what makes Electroneum different is that it actually works and is available for trade on legitimate exchanges. You can even use it to top up your prepaid mobile minutes if you live in South Africa.

It’s actually somewhat profitable too, all you have to do is verify your identity and then login once a week and click extend to continue mining for another 7 days. As I always tell you; nothing free and this is 100% a trade for your data… Remember you usually give it away for free anyways though, might as well profit, right?

Use our referral code “B2F74F” and you will get a boost in your earnings as well as the unpaid group‘s monthly pool.


$ETN on Coin Gecko

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