Q: You guys actually pay active members of your community? Is this some kind of Scam?

A: No scam at all, we 100% pay our members and there is $0 fee to join. We also make sure to vet all the websites, exchanges and programs we advertise on our website and in our community, we do not want to waste anyone’s time or money. As you can see you really have nothing to lose, just check out our Unpaid Group.

Q: How is this even possible?

A: Hosting costs are actually quite negligible if you’re not hosting video or large amounts of images, and other websites are not just informing you of new exchanges and programs out of the goodness of their heart, they are earning referral commissions.

There’s nothing wrong with them doing this, but at Blockrain we feel it’s beneficial for us to give our community an incentive to join under us and participate in our community. Honestly, we feel like we will make a lot more money if our community is being enriched through not only finance but knowledge and friendship.

Q: I really love this idea, can I donate to Blockrain?

A: While we would definitely appreciate donations we would much rather you simply join exchanges and programs under us and participate in our community. A fun idea would be to make it rain on the other members in the discord server via the discord tip app we will be using to distribute the funds from the community pool.

Another great way to contribute is by downloading the Brave browser and sending us any BAT you earn, at least until you can withdraw from Brave. All BAT will be added to our pool of course!