Forget Andrew Yang, Secure your Bag Now!

Welcome to Blockrain, the new Cryptocurrency & Passive Income stream blog & community, home of the world’s first “UNPAID” cryptocurrency group that anyone can not only join but get’s paid for being an active member of.

How is this going to work? At the end of each month, we will tally the total of all of our referral commission and other forms of revenue earned through our website and community and share at least 50% with the members of our discord group. (MORE DETAILS SOON)

For now, you can join the discord server and register for the sites we post referral links to. This will only work with your support, the more people we bring on board the better, and remember this will cost you $0.

We will be sharing and reviewing many websites, apps & hacks that help any average citizen at the least earn a little extra cash and at best discover ways to 100% financial freedom. Let’s grow together!

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