They Already Track You, So Let Them Pay You

We already know big tech and the government track our every move and monitor our every statement, there’s really no way to avoid it, I guess the Unabomber was right in a way.

Google now has a survey application you can download on your phone, it pays out directly to Paypal when you reach the $2 threshold, which seems to happen fairly quickly if you drive around a lot. I’ve already been paid at least twice. It seems they track your location, it will ask you if you’ve been to any of these stores and show a list of around 5… Some of them won’t even exist, they’re obviously looking for truthfulness. The surveys are super short and the minimum you will get is 10 cents if you’re screened out after the first question.

Bing is a search engine owned by Microsoft, and the only way they can compete with Google at this point is by offering you points for using their search engine, and if you’re stupid enough, the Edge browser. Bing is actually pretty good now, and I prefer it over Google which seems to serve mostly advertisements and corporate bullshit. Points add up quickly too, I get at least $5 in Walmart gift cards every month!

Brave is a new chromium based web browser that will actually protect you from big tech assholes that want to steal your data. It will block advertisements and malicious scripts without any clunky extensions, but of course, you can still use your favorites from Chrome… All this while being rewarded in BAT currency if you opt-in for Push Notification based advertisements, and allowing you to share this BAT with your favorite content creators via their websites or Twitch, Twitter or Youtube accounts. Don’t forget to kick us some BAT tips, as you know it will benefit everyone in The Unpaid Group.

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